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logo and header of website prawit.com
Prawit Trakulsingkorn - Freelance Portfolio Website :
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First page of thai shopping market dee4u.com
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First page :
  • Product menu group by category and subcategory (user can manage from control panel).
  • New product show. System will query with random product to show in this point.
  • Top ten will query from database to find the best seller in top ten chart.
  • Random show will query product from database and show out with photo, short detail and price.
  • Shopping cart system to show what is in your cart and price for most of product in your cart.
  • Store news to tell customer in anything any news you want..
Category list page of shopping mall dee4u.com
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Category list page :
  • Admin can add more category with new icon for it by themself.
  • Show detail of each category with 2 language in the same form.
  • Show Add date ( date that admin insert category name ) and Mod date ( date that admin change category detail ).
  • Admin can chage category order by click on arrow up or down and then order of category in main page will change to the new we set.
  • Click on edit button to change category name and detail.
  • Can delete many category in the same time like you delete email of hotmail.com.
  • Chage list per page number if you want to see more than 10 list per page (default is 10).
Category edit page of shopping online dee4u.com
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Category edit page :
  • Show old detail of category on the left.
  • Manage icon with 3 option ( not change, upload new, delete now ) with simply interface to do.
  • Change name and detail of category with in the same form.