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logo and header of website prawit.com
Prawit Trakulsingkorn - Freelance Portfolio Website :
Prawit รับออกแบบ เว็บไซต์ ทำเว็บไซต์ Thai Freelance Web Application Development Thai Freelance Web Design Development Thai Freelance Web Design Service, Thailand Freelance Web Design Services, Freelance Web Creator Freelance Web Designer, Web Application Service, Web Programming Service, Web Programmer, PHP, MYSQL, Thai Domain Name Registration Service, Thai Web Hosting Service.
My description :
Name :
Prawit Trakulsingkorn
E-mail :
Tel :
Mobile :
Position expected :
Web Debelopment Manager
Salary expected :
- Baht
My description :
Birthday :
25 Aug 1974
Gender :
Marital Status :
Height :
172 Cm.
Weight :
64 Kg.
Nationality :
Religion :
Educational Background :
Institute :
Mahanakorn University
Faculty :
Electrical Engineering
Major GPA :
Language Skills :
English Speaking :
English Reading :
English Writing :
Typing skills :
Thai :
45 words/minute
English :
45 words/minute
Computer skills :
Software :
Adobe photoshop, Adobe illustrator, Adobe imageready, Macromedia flash, SwishMax, PHP with MySQL database, CGI perl and a lot of useful program like Microsoft office, Add web pro, Microangelo, Robo demo, Noton ghost and much more.
Hardware :
A lot of Experience in Network and Computer hardware fixing.
More information :
General :
I have experience in PHP programming with MySQL database about 3 years and this is my sample work both of web design and web programming. I can do project closely to graphic design team work because I have experience in graphic design too so I know how to slice piece of graphic for program and how to program with out lose in design.
My sample works :
  • From-Thai.com ( Admin control panel and Customer control panel )
  • Coolnet4u.com ( Design and PHP programming and MySQL database )
  • Dee4u.com ( Design and PHP programming and MySQL database )
  • TuktukDomain.com ( Design and PHP programming and MySQL database )
  • TuktukServer.com ( Design and PHP programming and MySQL database )
  • APHD.or.th ( Web Design )
  • JuniorClubOnline.net ( Web Design )
  • PetchaboonGardenHill.com ( Web Design )
  • ThaiCraftLand.com ( Web Design )